• The growing burden of compliance requirements and increasing cost of credit card chargeback losses due to fraud are causing new challenges for jewelers nationwide.

    JVC Affiliate Partner
    Veratad Technologies, LLC

    will help you Meet This Challenge!

    Avoid Costly Chargebacks- This easy to use online process instantly validates identity either in person or at your website significantly reducing fraud and chargebacks.

    Enhanced USA PATRIOT Act/AML-Red Flags Rule Compliance- This low cost service supports compliance with your required Customer and Supplier Identification Program, part of your overall AML compliance.

    As a JVC Member you can subscribe to this service at a substantially reduced cost!
    Getting started is easy and once enrolled you will have access to a vital tool designed to help you to meet your AML and Red Flags Rule compliance obligations and to protect your customers and your business from the devastating effects of identity theft.